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  1. Foo Fighters - The Sky Is A Neighborhood
  2. Thirty Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water in the Live Lounge
  3. Sting – I Can't Stop Thinking About You
  4. Radiohead - Lift
  5. David Bowie - I Can't Give Everything Away
  6. Prophets Of Rage – Living On The 110
  7. Nine Inch Nails – Less Than
  8. Queens Of The Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do
  9. U2 - You’re The Best Thing About Me
  10. Starsailor - All This Life

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Neil Young - Hitchhiker

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David Gilmour – Live At Pompeii

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Analena, zagrebački underground band nastupa 11.studenog u Big rock mami sa riječkim support bendom Amphibia. Na službenim stranicama benda odgovaraju na pitanja o nastanku Analene slijedeće:
”It was back in 1997 when Mijo, Zet and Six crossed their paths. After a typical matching of ideas, tastes and visions they decided to give it a try and to form a band. One year later, after a couple of strange circumstances Ana was in the band as well. It took almost four more years and another weird situation to find Miran and keep him in the band. So now Analena is Mijo and Miran playing guitars, Ana on vocals, Zet playing drums and Six playing bass.” preporuča da svakako pogledate ovu zanimljivu skupinu.

Objavljeno 26.10.2005.


Nemam osjećaj domoljublja, ali imam zajedništva.
Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)