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  1. Foo Fighters - The Sky Is A Neighborhood
  2. Thirty Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water in the Live Lounge
  3. Sting – I Can't Stop Thinking About You
  4. Radiohead - Lift
  5. David Bowie - I Can't Give Everything Away
  6. Prophets Of Rage – Living On The 110
  7. Nine Inch Nails – Less Than
  8. Queens Of The Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do
  9. U2 - You’re The Best Thing About Me
  10. Starsailor - All This Life

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Neil Young - Hitchhiker

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David Gilmour – Live At Pompeii

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B-day @ Točka 05.05.

Mark Ash’s B-day party @ Točka 05.05. Petak 05.05.06., Club ” Točka. ”DJ’S: MARK ASH, FRYER & BOODALE, PACCO, MOFFOUS, RUBB SURR. Slobodan ulaz do 23h, poslije 20 kuna.

Objavljeno 03.05.2006.


Čitav život su mi drugi govorili što da radim. Sada ja govorim njima…
John Lee Hooker